Marine Services

Fartak Darya Aram

The service is operational and manned by a professional team

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Introducing Marine Services

Feeder services are a vital link in the multi-modal network of shipping, enabling to connect containers from the ports in the hinterland, with hub ports. FDA Group represents as agents, some of the reputed Feeder Operators to deliver to key transshipments around the world

The service is fully operational and manned by a professional team familiar with ocean carriers transshipment operations. This ensures that clients get an efficient and quick response to their needs

FDA Group  has an impressive track record of successfully identifying, introducing and representing as an agent, some of the world's most reputed container carriers in the Indian market

The responsibility of this function in the Group rests with the liner agency divisions and its companies, which efficiently handle and manage a complex set of weekly services across ports and inland container locations in India

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FDA Group offers a highly professional port marketing and representation service for global ports in Iran.

Group has created an excellent network of contacts with liner owners/operators, logistics companies, port authorities and terminal operators. It also have a very in depth knowledge of cargo routings.

Shipping Agency

Fartak Darya Aram

All this, helps Samsara understand the business better and consequently market and promote gateway ports in a professional manner to the Export Import fraternity that drive business to these ports

FDA Group also facilitates port to port exchange programs, organizes trade meetings and creates liaison offices and representation in Iran