Sending goods from China to Iran

fda-co Sending goods from China to Iran


Sending goods from China to Iran

fda-co Currently, China is considered one of the most important commercial countries in the world in terms of supplying goods. Many of the goods that are used all over the world today are made in China, and it is not surprising that many of our domestic products and appliances are also made in China. We are going to deal with the process of transporting and sending goods from China to Iran and talk about the issues related to it. Therefore, if you intend to import goods or goods from China to Iran, do not miss this content.

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Shipping routes from China to Iran

Goods are transported from China to Iran by air or sea routes. The ports of Bushehr, Khorramshahr, Bandar Abbas and Kish Island are part of the main destinations of sea cargo transfer from China to Iran. In terms of clearance costs and convenience, Bandar Abbas and Bushehr ports are much better options for shipping cargo from China to Iran. Also, by air, it is possible to transport all kinds of goods to Tehran and some international airports of the country and from there to all over the country, for important loads and time-sensitive goods. The main commercial cities of China are Xiamen, Hong Kong, Tianjin, Dalian, Shenzhen, Shanghai and Guanchi.


The routes for sending goods from China to Iran are :

1. Sending goods from China to Iran by sea 2. Sending goods from China to Iran by air

2. Sending goods from China to Iran by air

Sending goods from China to Iran by ship

Ships carrying cargo from China to Iran are loaded in two ways:

1. Transportation by Container Ships container

2. Bulk shipping In the following, we will explain these two cases.

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Container shipping from China to Iran Container Ships

Goods are transported from China to Iran mainly by sea and by container ships. All kinds of goods are transported by container ships from the main export ports of China to the cities of Bandar Abbas, Khorramshahr and Bushehr in Iran. The most important advantage of container shipping from China to Iran is the existence of an accurate and reliable schedule. At the same time, container transportation is one of the most economical ways to transport goods from China to Iran in terms of cost.

Container loads are mainly transported in two ways, which are:

Full Container Loading (FLC)

If the volume of your cargo is as much as the capacity of a full container, the closed container method is used to transport the cargo. Of course, there is another important point about FCL cargoes. In the FCL method, the loading of the container is done by the forwarder or its contractor, the forwarder company, and not by the carrier. In this case, even if the amount of cargo is less than the full capacity of the container, it is still FCL or container cargo. Because the loading and arrangement of the cargo is done by the forwarder company, the responsibility of the carrier in FCL is somewhat less.

– LCL Low Container Loading or LESS THAN A CONTAINER LOAD

LCL is the shipping method of small container cargo, related to loads less than the capacity of a container. fda-co In this method, in order to reduce the cost, the shipping company (CARRIER) transports your goods with other similar loads in a container. Naturally, in this method, the responsibility of the carrier, or the CARRIER, is greater than maintaining the health of the cargo.

Bulk shipping from China to Iran

Another one of the most important methods of sea transportation is bulk cargo transportation. The bulk cargo method is used for shipments that do not require special packaging. Bulk cargo is transported by ship without the need for containers. The advantage of this method is easier loading and unloading, no need for containers, and finally, lower shipping costs. Usually, the bulk cargo method is used for cargo such as some construction materials or food.

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Sending goods from China to Iran by plane

Air cargo transportation from China to Iran takes place in two ways, including freight and cargo. fda-co CARGO air cargo and FREIGHT air freight are among the most popular ways to transport cargo from China to Iran. There are a large number of flights from China to Iran for cargo and freight every day. Air freight from China costs more than sea freight, but it takes two to three working days to arrive at the destination.

1. Passenger freight

2. Cargo cargo


Passenger freight FREIGHT

This way of sending cargo from China to Iran is related to passengers’ overloads. Passengers will be subject to excess baggage fines if they carry more than the allowed baggage allowance. If you have extra cargo on your flight from China to Iran, you can freight your cargo. This will reduce your shipping costs. Of course, this type of shipment is for passengers with plane tickets and does not have a commercial or export aspect. For freight, you must send your cargo a few days before Proza.


Cargo load CARGO

The cargo is recommended for loads above 30 kg that have special value or the time to reach the destination is of great importance.

fda-co International postal methods are also used for loads of less weight and importance. You need to know that air cargo shipping is for businessmen and merchants. In order to ship your cargo to Iran by air, you must have documents such as a commercial card.

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Airline companies active in China to Iran routes

Unfortunately, due to the US sanctions against Iran, few airlines are active on this route.

You can use the services of these airlines to transport goods from China to Iran by cargo and by air:

  1. Mahan airways
  2. Iran Air
  3. Qatar Airline
  4. Kuwait Airline
  5. Emirates Airline
  6. Turkish Airlines

Which airports in China have flights to Iran?

If you intend to fly from China to Iran or vice versa, or if you want to send cargo from China to Iran by air, fda-co you should use the airport services of these cities:

  1. Shenzhen
  2. Guangzhou
  3. Beijing
  4. Shanghai shanghai
  5. Urumqi Urumqi

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Goods clearance regulations in Iran

Unfortunately, customs laws in Iran are considered one of the most difficult customs clearance methods in the world. So that for a specific product, you may need 4 or 5 different licenses from different organizations. In addition to increasing clearance costs, this makes it time-consuming.

In addition, the issuing of contradictory instructions every day makes the work of Iranian businessmen and their foreign partners more difficult regarding the clearance of goods in Iran. Documents required to transport cargo from China to Iran You need different documents to import goods from China and customs clearance. Apart from the general documents that all importers must provide for clearance, some goods, such as medicine, also require other special permits. For commercial cargo, the documents required to send cargo from China to Iran are:

  • packing list
  • Purchase Invoice
  • Export customs license
  • Business Cards
  • Import licenses
  • General license card
  • Certificate of Origin
  • Bill of lading
  • Health certificate if needed
  • Other documents

fda-co Also, in addition to the documents mentioned above, you also need documents for clearance at Iran customs in order to transport goods from China to Iran:

  • COMMERCIAL ID business card
  • Import licenses
  • Delivery order clearance
  • Packing list Packing list
  • Documents related to the payment of transport company salaries
  • Sheets related to goods transportation insurance
  • Sheets and documents related to customs insurance of goods
  • Right-to-work card or legal power of attorney for clearance workers and legal representatives
  • Other required documents

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Goods exported from China to Iran

China is Iran’s first trading partner. fda-co  About 19 billion dollars worth of goods are exported from China to Iran every year. In other words, the amount of cargo from China to Iran amounts to 30 million tons of goods. The most important goods imported from China to Iran are: All kinds of cars, industrial equipment and machinery, metals, chemicals, all kinds of faucets, pumps, electrical equipment, all kinds of pipes, textiles, bags and shoes, audio and video equipment, etc.

On the other hand, Iran’s most important exports to China include the following:

  1. Crude oil
  2. Iron ore
  3. Petrochemical materials such as ethylene polymers
  4. industrial alcohol


final word

In this content, fda-co we tried to briefly describe the steps of transporting goods from China to Iran. We hope that the presented content is useful and useful for you.

In the end, thank you for your cooperation. We invite you to contact the experts of Fartak Darya Aram Company to receive specialized telephone advice.


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