Why fda-co Shipping Company?

fda-co Shipping

Why fda-co Shipping Company?

Fartak Darya Aram Shipping Company, as one of the dynamic and leading companies in the field of international transportation of goods (import and export), has independent forwarding and forwarding services and carries out all related matters related to the carriage of specialized goods By maintaining the health of the cargo and the competitive rates, with the presence of exclusive and non-exclusive dealers around the world, it is ready to provide services to all traders and industry owners.
Throughout its years of operation, the company has the honor of working with reputable public and private companies, which provide a brief overview of your service


Carrying out all stages of carriage from the door to the buyer’s warehouse door including fda-co

  • Transportation : Transportation (forwarding and agency) land, air, sea, project and continuous deliveries
  • Dealers in Asia and Europe : A wide and wide network of dealers in Asia and Europe. Exclusively for maritime and road lanes
  • Transit of goods : Transit of goods from customs to the country of entry into the free zones and domestic customs
  • Exporting goods : Exporting goods to all Central Asian countries from Europe and Iran and Africa
  • Clearance : Clearance in all groups of items


Introducing Marine Services fda-co

fda-co Feeder services are a vital link in the multi-modal network of shipping, enabling to connect containers from the ports in the hinterland, with hub ports. FDA-CO Group represents as agents, some of the reputed Feeder Operators to deliver to key transshipments around the world

The service is fully operational and crewed by a professional team familiar with ocean carriers transshipment operations. This ensures that clients get an efficient and quick response to their needs

The responsibility of this function in the Group rests with the liner agency divisions and its companies, which efficiently handle and manage a complex set of weekly services across ports and inland container locations in India

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